Once again, members of the Avoiding the Drop team are participating in a Striker Manager private league. There are two spots left for anyone who would like to join.

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We are one month into the Major League Soccer season, and so far it would appear that FremonterBerg  and Bluesfan  might want to consider a to Vegas and start making bets! Their current overall winning percentage is 46% for the season, although they both  hit a bit of a slump this week. Ben however, hit it big as the weekly winner with five correct picks for the week. There is still time to catch them however, so read on after the jump and make your picks for this week.

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Welcome to Pick’Em Week 3. Over the last two weeks, we’ve had seventeen matches and Bluesfan and FremonterBerg are currently leading the pack. And doing it with a better than 50% winning percentage. Well done! Read on to see how you are doing early this season.

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Apologies to all. I have been in California (still there actually) for a funeral. Read on after the jump for a quick and dirty Week 2.

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Major League Soccer’s 2012 season begins this weekend!  The start of the Major League Soccer season will also hopefully be the revival of Avoiding the Drop’s little corner of the internet as well.  To get things started we are bringing back our annual Pick’Em competition for its 4th season. Last year’s winner was contributor/commenter Green Eggs. Will he win back-to-back titles? Join us after the jump to make your picks and challenge him for the top spot!

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Dempsey turns 5

Five years? Already?

This week marks Clint Dempsey’s fifth year with Fulham FC.  To honor him and celebrate his FA Cup hat trick

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Thank You and Goodnight

Dear Readers,

The time has come for me to leave Avoiding the Drop.

I would like to thank you for your loyal support and your always civil, insightful, and witty participation in the site- it has made every minute of the last three years worthwhile.

I would also like to thank my fellow writers for always setting the bar at the site high both in terms of content and tone- both have set, and I’m sure will continue to set, ATD apart from other sites.

I hope that in addition to remaining frequent visitors to Avoiding the Drop you will also find time to visit my new project, The Tanner Ba’.



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